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Orange Peak Company develops management information systems aimed at understanding organizational performance. Combining economic knowledge, technical expertise and the latest technologies results in high quality management information available at any time and anywhere. Working with very large data sets (Big data) and combining different datasources is Orange Peak Company's speciality. Through our specific hardware configuration, we are able to make user friendly management information out of nearly infinite data streams, visualised in dynamic and interactive systems.


  • Management based on facts instead of feeling
  • Improving organizational performance is down to data
  • Organizations find it technically difficult to use data for functional management information
  • Information needs must be approached from a business perspective rather than technical possibilities or limitations
  • Our starting point is therefore the information requirement of our customer, not the availability of systems or data


  • By using the very latest technology
  • Information and dashboards available through cloud technology
  • Up-to-date, fast, safe and detailed
  • Data editing automized through scripts and algorithms
  • Visually very attractive
  • No capacity or adaptation of IT systems needed from our customers


  • Management information in dynamic and visual dashboards
  • On various organisational levels
  • All based on the same source data, managed at one place
  • User and user rights management for optimal distribution of information

How we work

Orange Peak Company starts by defining the management's information requirement. This is followed by an assessment of which source data is available, supplemented where necessary with external sources. Orange Peak Company processes the data and displays the output visually in a unique way using advanced software. Of course we also provide expert support throughout the entire process. Modern Data Management.

In general terms we can summarise our method of working as follows:

Determination of the management's information requirement.
Definition of the source(s)
Data collection, generation and/or purchase.
Processing source data.
Visual translation into dashboards.
Training and support during analysis.

Up-to-date, clear and immediately usable management information which links up with the requirement.

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Orange Peak Company works with:

Proudly we present below a selection of our partners and clients.

  • flox
  • Werktalent
  • Danone
  • westerduin
  • sdworks
  • faam
  • CocaCola
  • prima personeel
  • Erasmus
  • paytra
  • Avia
  • The Linde Group


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