Client Loyalty

Loyal customers are most valuable to any organization. OPC Client Loyalty Management enables your organization to gain insight and control on the loyalty of your customers. Our Loyalty system divides customers into loyalty profiles and assigns a dynamic risk profile based on their behaviour patterns.

When a customer’s risk profile gets critical your organization needs to know and must take action; both on sales as on marketing level. Your actions will decrease the total risk profile of your customers, customers will be more loyal and the company’s return improves.

The effectiveness of the marketing actions are monitored on customer level with our Campaign Monitor. The Campaign Monitor shows among others which customers would have been ‘lost’ without the marketing action, which customers are a ‘win-back’, which customers have a different behaviour pattern after the campaign etcetera.

The combination of both systems helps you to gain complete control on a large number of customers. As a result your organization will have a higher customer loyalty and more effective marketing and sales efforts

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