OPC Basket Analysis

The OPC Basket Analysis enables you to acquire concrete insights about the (shopping)behaviour of your clients and develop targeted marketing actions based on these insights.

  1. Up-to-date insights in the (shopping)behaviour of your clients:

    Which products do your clients purchase? Are they purchasing specific product combinations? Are there interesting products they have not purchased yet? Which products were purchased in the past, but currently not anymore?
  2. Marketing actions based on (shopping)behaviour:

    Better insights in the (shopping)behaviour of your clients enables you to offer targeted products, ensuring more effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

    If certain products are complementary, you might like to approach the clients that are currently buying only one of these products. Make them an interesting offer to tempt them to buy both products.

    Are clients only purchasing products from a specific product category? Introduce these clients to your assortment in other product categories.
The insights mentioned above are relevant for both consumer and business-to-business markets to anticipate on. For consumer markets transaction data are used to calculate the shopping Basket of your clients and related promotion activities. For manufacturers Basket analysis are developed by using wholesaler data, whenever there is no transactional data available. Orange Peak Company has a broad experience in working with both transactional and wholesaler data. We support you throughout the process and stay involved to help you measure the effect of the marketing activities.
  • Up-to-date and visual insights based on transaction data
  • Purchase combinations:
    • Clients that purchase both product A and product B
    • Clients that purchase product A, but not product B and vice versa
    • Clients that only purchase product A
  • Analysis across
    • Product categories
    • Product groups
    • Brands
  • Analysis about client groups and sectors
  • Cross-selling and up-selling analysis

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