Retail Data

Does your organisation use data from Nielsen and/or IRI? Orange Peak Company offers support in converting this data. Together we determine the management information needs and develop decision support tools based on the received data.

In addition it is possible to connect other internal or external data sources.

Market share analysis as well as providing insights in the Product Life Cycle are examples of what Orange Peak Company has already developed for its clients.

In addition, the software clusters the various SKU’s to the right product groups. With this, you will easily have an overview of your performance per SKU as well as a consolidated overview.
Benchmarking on productgroups, brands and periods are frequently used insights.
This way your company immediately starts working with the given information without any need for creating the desired information.

With the help of Orange Peak Company on the field of automatization, you will exclude mistakes due to/and manual labour.

  • Actual insights in performance
  • No manual efforts
  • Frequently updated
  • Combined with other data sources
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