Store Manager

Actual and visualized insights on shop performance based on transactional data. Trends and performance developments are accessible for the total organization and for its sub locations. Moreover, Store Manager enables performance improvement due to benchmarking both within your organization and with the market.

Store Manager provides the opportunity to match your transactional data with procurement data from wholesalers. This provides insights in the margins of your products and indicates which products underperform compared with the market.

  • Actual and visualized insights based on transactional data
  • Both on the level of the total organization and sub locations
  • Analysis on category and product level
  • Trends and developments are accessible throughout the time
  • Operable in every market with cash registers
  • Performance enhancement due to diverse benchmarks
    • The market you operate in
    • A cluster/group equally performing organizations
    • Your own performance in previous periods
  • Best performing products
  • Basket analysis
  • Point of time analysis
  • Promotion analysis

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